Friday, December 1, 2006

Download Telugu Audio Bible MP3 Files

This is first Telugu Audio Bible available for free download .

There might be some small mistakes regarding Pronounciation, Recording and so on.

Who can use this Audio Bible

1. Catholics / Christians from Andhra Pradesh or Telugu Speaking people can very well use this audio bible.

2. Telugu Catholics / Christians People living in different States & Countries can use this.

3. Now a days, Satan is keeping the youth very busy with FM Stations and TV Channels and they can access them through their mobile phones(MP3). And people are spending most of the times in travelling these days , People can listen to these Audio bible and by heart the Word of God during their travelling time (usually they use that time listening FMs or MP3 songs).

4. You can gift this to a Telugu Christian / Catholic .

These files can be played in
2.MP3 Players.
3.Cell Phones.
4.CD Players.
5. PC's / Laptops/ Palmtops etc ....

You can carry it very easily in your pockets or electronic gadgets like above and Memory sticks or pen drives etc..

Whatever i had done it's only for the Glory of God but not with any commercial intention.

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Dear Vignan,

Congrats for your good effort. I am Fr. Bharat Reddy, from Guntur..but presently I am in CHICAGO...Good Thought......May God Bless all your efforts...Keep doing Good for the Greater Glory of God.....

God Bless you.

Kiran said...

Dear Friend,
You have taken up the task of spreading the kingdom of God through modern means. I appreciate you for doing such a marvelous work. You had a vision and you realized the same. Congrats to you my dear friend. Please continue to do God's work and utilize all the modern means to reach out all sorts of people with the Word of God.

Fr. Kiran Kumar Thumma (Pallottine)
Amaravathi Parish
Guntur Diocese

Chaitanya said...


First of all good thought. Thank you.
But are the links working..?

I am unable to find from where to download the whole stuff.

Please send me the direct links to my email id or update it on the blog..

Please put something like.. CLICK HERE to download all the mp3 files. It will be useful. Thanks a lot again.

Chaitanya said...

Hi . I fthe server is not working... please try uploading the files into mediafire .

Telugu Catholic Audio Bible said...

Praise the Lord,
Dear Chaitanya,

I am really happy to see your commets on this blog, actually I have uploaded these audio files in 2006 and it was working smoothly till 2009, then somehow those sites / servers not working. Few audio bible files I have in E-mail, If u send me mail, I can forward those files. I thought of sending u mail, But I couldn't found ur mail ID in here, so writing my reply here, I am going to Rome for my Priestly studies, so I was busy in those preparations,

God bless you
Br.Vignan MSc(IS)
Jesus Youth Seminarain

Chaitanya said...

Praise the Lord brother!

Thanks for the reply. Sending All the files over mail might not be possible to the best of my knowledge. I would like to ask you to upload the files into and then just give me the link. Please send the link/files to

I would be most delighted to have them. I have an english Audio bible ( I would love to have one in telugu as well.

Kindly help me in getting them . Thank you again.

In him,



audio bible is very good
you done a good job,
do you have old testament audio bible.
if you have please send link

(my id:

Ashok said...

hi vignan,

Hope u r doing good. Kindly send me the audio bible files to my email ASHOKCAREER2009@YAHOO.CO.IN.

Kindly keep us in your prayers...


Ashok said...

sorry the email was sent wrong... Pls find the correct one...


venkat said...
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venkat said...

hi brother this is venkatrao from kanchikacherla.vijayawada methrasanam.

im very happy to get you for audio bible..
please pray for me.
i need old testament audio bible.
if you have please send to mail

Vijay Kumar Nuthalapati said...

Dear Br. Vignan,
You have done a great work for the glory of christ. May god bless you and empower you with the knowledge, ability and holy guidance to spread divine word.
Thank you for the efforts.

St.Agnes church, Guntur

pradeep said...

Can you please send me audible mp3 format bible to my mail id

Das said...


congrats to you

I am das from guntur i would like to ask you to send me mp3 format of Telugu bible

to my mail

Thanks in advance.........
gods glory .........

sumanth joel said...

dear Vignan, congrats for ur good effort..
can you kindly send the audio files to my mail-

Jeevan Paul said...

I am very happy to get you for audio bible...thank you very much ..can you please send me old testment audio bible to my mail -

VIJJU said...

Respected Bro

praise the lord

I need Old testament bible download please kindly send to email id -

Vedas Labs said...

Dear brother,

Greetings ! ! !

Its Really usefull for everyone ,especially for old people ,they dont have much eye vision properly ,at this stage the audio bible is very usefull to them,so can here am requesting you kindly share the audio bible file to my mail id.

Best Regard's
Showri Reddy.V
From Kurnool Diocese.