Friday, December 1, 2006

New Testment Audio Bible (Beta Version 1.0)

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Good News after gap of one year again Telugu Catholic Audio Bible files are available in internet
Telugu Catholic Audio Bible
New Testament
(27 Books in 27 hours MP3)
Click on the links below to Download the Telugu Catholic Audio Bible files in zip format according to each Book in Chapter wise in MP3 format.

Download Telugu Audio Bible MP3 Files

This is first Telugu Audio Bible available for free download .

There might be some small mistakes regarding Pronounciation, Recording and so on.

Who can use this Audio Bible

1. Catholics / Christians from Andhra Pradesh or Telugu Speaking people can very well use this audio bible.

2. Telugu Catholics / Christians People living in different States & Countries can use this.

3. Now a days, Satan is keeping the youth very busy with FM Stations and TV Channels and they can access them through their mobile phones(MP3). And people are spending most of the times in travelling these days , People can listen to these Audio bible and by heart the Word of God during their travelling time (usually they use that time listening FMs or MP3 songs).

4. You can gift this to a Telugu Christian / Catholic .

These files can be played in
2.MP3 Players.
3.Cell Phones.
4.CD Players.
5. PC's / Laptops/ Palmtops etc ....

You can carry it very easily in your pockets or electronic gadgets like above and Memory sticks or pen drives etc..

Whatever i had done it's only for the Glory of God but not with any commercial intention.

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Learn Telugu program / Telugu Nerchukundham

I am Vignan Das Gangula, a Catholic youth belonging to the Pezzonipet Parish of Vijayawada diocese. I have done Master's in Information Systems & a Software Engineer by profession from Andhra Pradesh, India

I am Jesus Youth candidate for Preisthood. I have joined in Seminary on 19th June 2009 for first year Priesthood studies.

Now I am in Rome studying Philosphy in Urbania University.

When I was in Andhra Pradesh in 2006, I undertook an initiative to teach Telugu to Non Telugu Speaking communities who are very active in Jesus Youth and who are eager to serve the Lord and build his Kingdom in Andhra Pradesh.

"Telugu Nerchukundham” was the name of that initiative and it was in MS Word and Audio format as MP3 files and freely available to listen and download from Internet previously available at site.

Through learn Telugu program they can speak and understand the Telugu language.

You can go through those Learn Telugu program / Telugu Nerchukundham (mp3 files in zip format) in 5 parts in the links below.